Our 24/7 emergency department treats an average of 11,000 patients per year whether it be a severe emergency or a less urgent case.  Four fulltime, five part time RN’s, and on site physicians are fully trained to deal with any situation. The triage system screens clients to ensure that the sickest patients are taken care of first by assessing conditions as quickly as possible. Patients that require continued critical care will be transferred to larger centers such as Sudbury or Sault St. Marie to receive the treatment they need.

We work regularly with other departments including the laboratory, pharmacy, medical imaging, and admitting as patient information regarding test results or treatment can flow freely between units without miscommunication.

Front doors at the NSHN Blind River site are locked after 10:00 pm although Emergency services are still available through the Emergency night entrance which is open from 10:00 pm until 7:00 am. This entrance can only be gained by communicating with the charge nurse through the intercom system.

When visiting emergency we ask that you present the following items to admitting upon your arrival:

  • Ontario Health Card
  • Details of any additional health coverage or insurance policies
  • Power of Attorney for Personal Care Information
  • Emergency contact numbers
  • Medication you are currently taking