Golden Birches is a home away from home for those looking to settle down in a long term care residence. Residents vary in age with the majority being over 65 years old who require extra care in everyday life.

Our department is equipped with 40 employees (including Behavioral Support Ontario) who take pride in top of the line treatment and care of the residents 24 hours, 7 days a week. Here residents feel as though they can move freely and carry out daily activities while still receiving proper medical attention. Medical services include: administering medications, IV therapy, physiotherapy and occupational therapy available whenever it is needed. Our department works closely with others such as food services, pharmacy, social services, and community support services to ensure all needs of the clients are being met.

Employees work to organize fun events for the residents in order to help them develop social relationships and provide a day of fun! Past events including horse races, musical entertainment, breakfast clubs for both men and women, and fishing help to keep the residents interacted with the community that they are a part of.

Visiting hours for friends and family are flexible, however, after 11:00 am works best for the routine ofstaff and the residents. If visiting extends past 8:30 pm, please inform the nurse of your arrival and departure.

During a flu outbreak visitors to the affected Unit will be restricted. Information to that effect will be available to you by calling ahead. If you are experiencing cold or flu like symptoms, please no not visit as you are at risk of spreading the illness to residents.