» Visitors

Visiting hours are flexible, however, after 11:00 am would be appreciated. If visiting extends past 8:30 pm, please inform the nurse of your arrival and departure.

Relatives and friends are encouraged to visit. Please use proper discretion when visiting residents in their room, keeping in mind the noise element so as not to disturb other residents.

Family members and visitors may be asked not to visit Golden Birches Terrace during an infectious disease outbreak when residents on the Unit are ill. The purpose is to protect you and your family from the illness, and to limit the spread of the illness.

Family members and visitors should also not visit if they are experiencing colds, fever, vomiting or diarrhea. Children exposed to chickenpox are advised not to visit. The residents are vulnerable to these infections. 

» Tips for Visiting Residents

  1. Find a quiet place to visit so that you can be easily heard and where there are fewer distractions. Sometimes it is possible to take the residents out of the facility for a walk or to a local coffee shop or restaurant.
  2. Bring in a thermos of juice or tea and some cookies or fruit and have a 'picnic' in a quiet place.
  3. Keep the conversation light. The stimulation of a few funny stories and a smile goes a long way to making a visit enjoyable.
  4. Reminisce about the early years of the resident's life. Help them remember the songs they sang and the friends they had, what they liked at school or any traveling they may have done.
  5. If the resident only wants to talk about going home, find out what they remember of home and continue the conversation based on these memories. Perhaps they want to be reassured that home did exist and that the remaining memories are valid. This kind of remembering can reassure the resident and produce contentment.
  6. Because many residents in long term care facilities experience cognitive impairments, it is easier for them to understand you if you use short, simple sentences and speak clearly and slowly. You may need to repeat your sentences. Just as they cannot be hurried when walking, they cannot be hurried in their thoughts and communication.
  7. Bring a labelled photo album and go through it with the resident. Have all visitors sign a guestbook with a short description of the topics discussed for reinforcement by staff.
  8. For variety, try a visit at mealtime.
  9. Read recent letters, cards and/or newspapers to the resident or help the resident write a letter or a note.
  10. Manicure the resident's fingernails, give a back rub or assist with grooming. (i.e. curl hair.)