What are Rural Health Hubs?

“Rural Health Hubs will allow local health and social service providers, through formal agreements and partnerships, and on-going community consultation, to improve the coordination and effectiveness of care for a defined population and/or geographic area.  Each rural health hub will be locally defined and tailored to the community.  A rural health hub is flexible, not one size fits all, is innovative, based on local need and provides coordinated access to care.”

Mary Ellen Luukkonen

is the Rural Health Hub (RHH) Project Lead for both the North Shore Rural Health Hub (NSRHH) and the Espanola and Area Rural Health Hub (EARHH) projects - please see the official media release for more information.

“The vision of the Rural Health Hub is to create an enhanced collaborative model that supports a client’s seamless health journey across the continuum of care.”

The hubs will be seeking guidance from patients and families, as well as municipalities.  Some of the goals of the hubs include:

  • Creating a model driven by the collaborative efforts of local stakeholders and based on the needs of people in its area.
  • Exploring innovative strategies for home and community service delivery.
  • Developing quality improvement plans across sectors.
  • Creating simplified pathways for people to access care.
  • Enhancing existing partnerships between the providers where appropriate.


The North Shore Rural Health Hub catchment area is stretched 160+ km along the Trans-Canada Highway starting from Echo Bay in the West, all the way through to Spanish in the East.

For the overall project information and updates please go to the North East Local Health Integration Network (NELHIN) site.


Health Service listings in the North East  http://www.northeasthealthline.ca/