Every Patient, Resident, and Client  has both rights and responsibilities when it comes to their health and the health care services they receive from the North Shore Health Network (NSHN)  hospitals. As a patient, resident or client, family member or friend you have a role to play. 
This policy outlines the rights and responsibilities of patients, family and visitors in ensuring patient-centered care that is grounded in a safe and respectful environment.

1.1 Patient, Resident and Client Rights

Be treated in a kind and respectful way.

Receive culturally-sensitive care.

Expect that all information about your health care will be kept private and confidential in accordance with the law.

Be given information in a way you will understand.

Expect that your health care team will share important information with each other.

Participating in making decisions about your care.

Ability to refuse care as permitted by the law. 

Be able to express your concerns and get answers to your questions.

1.2 Patient, Resident, Client Responsibilities

Be polite and respect the privacy and confidentiality of other patients, visitors and members of the health care team. 

Avoid offensive or abusive language.

Recognize that the needs of other patients and families may sometimes be more urgent than your own. 

Give accurate information to your health care team to help them plan your care.

Given your health care team the name of the person who will represent you if you cannot make decisions by yourself.

Follow the plan of care given to you the best way you can, including active participation with your discharge planning.

Accept responsibility for the decisions you make about your treatment.

Take care of your personal things and send home anything that is not needed.

Respect hospital property and act in a safe and responsible way. 

Understand that you may be responsible for all expenses not covered by OHIP or private insurance during your hospital stay.

Keep appointments, or call to cancel if you are unable to keep your appointment.

Clean your hands often and remind others to do the same.

Respect the scent-free environment of the North Shore Health Network.