Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 7:30 am – 4:00 pm

Our highly qualified staff of the Rehabilitation Department includes a registered physiotherapist and physiotherapy assistants. We offer a wide variety of treatment to out-patients, in-patients, residents of Golden Birches Terrace, as well as the staff of the NSHN Blind River site.  Out-patients from Spanish to Thessalon and Richards Landing can expect to receive therapy for: acute injuries, following surgery or casting, fall prevention, chronic injuries, as well as pre-op exercises.  In-patients refers to anyone who is admitted to the NSHN Blind River site and requires the attention of a physiotherapist in their recovery.  Residents of Golden Birches Terrace are eligible to be assessed by the physiotherapist, who will then design and modify an exercise plan that is then primarily carried out the by the physiotherapy assistant.  These exercise programs are mostly designed to build their strength and balance, and/or maintain their current mobility level for as long as possible. 

The rehabilitation services provided are at no cost to the client – most of the services are covered by the NSHN global hospital budget.  For out-patients, we do receive a small amount of funding from the NorthEast LHIN which has enabled us to slightly increase the number of clients we see.

Our department maintains partnerships with various stakeholders in our communities, including Community Care Access Centre, various orthopedic surgeons, and the North Shore Tribal Council, which allows for learning opportunities and transfers of shared information, and ultimately better care of the individual.  Our department also works closely with various post-secondary institutions, such as Sault College and Collège Boréal, to provide a welcoming environment in which aspiring rehabilitation professionals can complete their placement under the supervision of full time employees.

On site one day per week, Dr. Dan Sicoli offers a Chiropractic Clinic. As this is a clinic there is a fee associated with this service.